Achtung ?!

Respekt, Kontrolle, Veränderung
Festival catalog
FotoDoks 2012

Format 23×31cm, a lot of photos, 80 pages aka 20 poster
Edition 5000
Design Bureau Mirko Borsche (Ben Froggatt)
Prize for free! plus mailing

almost sold out !
The wonderful catalog in a newspaper size.
Polly Braden (GB)
Marcus Brandt (D)
Edmund Clark (GB)
Thomas Galler (CH)
Jocelyn Bain Hogg (GB)
Kai Löffelbein (D)
Robin Maddock (GB)
Henrik Malmström (D)
Dawin Meckel (D)
Simon Norfolk (GB)
Dana Popa (GB)
Simon Roberts (GB)
Gregor Schlatte (A)
Kai Wiedenhöfer (D)
Matthias Ziegler (D)
Contains infos and images to all 15 photographers that were guest at this
particular photo festival for documentaristic photography in munich.
A dialog between artists from the guest countrys of the UK and german speaking home sweet home.

read one of various texts here in the english version online: