Not sure, where ...

Not sure, where my sparkle is residing #1
by Jörg Koopmann

Format 16×22cm, 16 photos, 16 pages
Edition 500
Design Thomas Mayfried
Prize € 6.- plus mailing

Not sure, where ... Not sure, where ... Not sure, where ... Not sure, where ...

The title of the serie refers to an email that a friend sent 2009:
„ Things are feeling a bit stale in my life lately even though
the weather in Tucson is beautiful this time of year.
I feel a bit like I´ve been boxed in in a way.
Not sure where my Sparkle is residing.  Somewhat hard to explain.
I have nothing to really complain about except for boredom,
so I guess that means I’m doing okay.“

another excerpt from an email a year before said:
„What you see – is what you are.
Gombrich (arthistorian wrote that) and I found it as a quote on
the front page of an essay I wrote when attending
film- and mediatheory at university a million of years ago. my essay then was about the reading of a photograph,
a sunday morning reflection on art- vs reportagephotography
and what we bring into the reading.“

and finally i quote lyrics from emails, like Cody, singing:
„and there is comfort and there is rage – and yet you don´t know what it takes“